If you love manga or anime, anime games are the great idea for you. These games consist of all genres and themes common in Japanese manga and anime such as fighting, adventure, life simulation, etc. Do you want to immerse yourself in a challenging adventure in a fantasy world or participate in various epic battles of super heroes like Goku, Naruto, Luffy, etc? Get into the huge anime world on, you can satisfy your hobby. On this site, we provide you with tons of the most interesting anime games from all genres. All of them are selected carefully to make sure that you always can find your ideal story among our vast collection of anime games. Now, it is the time to jump into the beautiful anime world by exploring a long list of the best anime games below! Let's pick up your favorite game and enjoy it!


Anime is hand-drawn or computer animation that is original from Japan or associated with this country. Anime is often characterized by colorful graphics, cute and vibrant characters, and fantasy themes. A special point of anime characters is that their eye is very big and beautiful. In addition, the themes in the world of anime are very rich and fantastical.

Anime game is a video game genre that is based on the anime art form of Japan. This game genre may be re-created from various successful and popular anime comics or TV show of Japan or created newly based on anime style graphics. The games in this genre are very rich and consist of many different genres such as action, adventure, simulator, puzzle, board, etc.

Nobody knows exactly about the history of this game genre, however, it can confirm that this genre has appeared for a long time. Until nowadays, lots of anime games were released and they are mainly inspired or based on successful comics and cartoon.

What are anime games?

Anime games are based on popular anime characters, tv show, comic, or cartoon of Japan to rebuild into a new game. In these games, characters are so beautiful and vibrant with a big-eyes and good-looking costume. Amine games can come from various genre such as fighting games, puzzle games, adventure games, etc but they have a common element is that anime graphics. In general, anime games are all the games that own anime style graphics or be inspired by a famous anime work.


Gameplay in anime games is so rich and depending on the game and the theme that this game belongs to. With the game focuses on fighting, gameplay is the fast-paced action with smooth movements of characters. With anime games for girls or for kids, the gameplay of these games is so simple. Usually, players just click to control the game.

Popular types of anime games

Dress up

Owning beautiful graphics, anime games attract the attention of million people including both male and female. For this reason, lots of anime games for girls were released in which anime dress up games are the most common type. In this game genre, players will decorate, dress up, and make up for their characters with various clothes, costumes, and accessories. The gameplay of these games is usually very simple and players almost just click to control the game. However, compensate for simple gameplay, these games typically own so beautiful graphics and be designed more careful than other anime game genres.

Some prominent anime dress up games that you should try are Sword Art Online Dress Up: Anime Game, Anime Face Maker, Egyptian Avatar, Glitter Cure, Sailor Senshi, Anime Angel Avatar, etc.


Anime fighting games are also an extremely popular type of anime games genre. It can say that this is the most popular type because the games in this type are many more than other ones.

Being a loyal fan of anime, surely you so so familiar with some excellent and classic mangas such as One Piece, Naruto, Inuyasha, Gintama, Dragon Balls Z, etc. These mangas and their characters are the endless inspiration source of so many game's developers. And the anime fighting games were created based on these classic works.

The characteristic of these games lies in the rich character system including all the superheroes like Goku, Luffy, Naruto, Sasuke, Hatake Kakashi, etc. And of course, the fighting element is the core feature of these games. In these games, players will have a chance to participate in various epic battles between many different superheroes. Moreover, all the attacks, movements, combo, etc in these games are so smooth and good-looking. This feature combining with fast-paced action gameplay offers players lots of great experiences.

Some interesting anime fighting games on this site that you can't miss are anime battle series, One Piece vs Naruto, Naruto War, etc.


Another popular type of anime games is anime MMORPG. This type of game consists of various anime games that combine with the element of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This is a great combination and creates a great and addictive game genre. We both know that MMORPG is so addictive itself. When this genre combined with graphics of anime style, it created a new video game genre with addictive gameplay and so beautiful visuals. And nowadays, developers tend to develop MMORPG games with anime style to attract much more attention of players.

When mentioning this genre, we can't miss some classic games like Aura Kingdom, Elsword Online, Onigiri, Kritika Online, Elite Lord of Alliance, etc.  


Anime RPG games are also a very popular type of anime games. It can say that this game genre is quite similar to MMORPG games but bigger in the number of games. The games in this genre are also role-playing games but using the anime style of graphics. Similar to a typical RPG, in these games, players are also able to create their own anime character and participate in lots of battles that have even more dramatic action than the anime on TV.

There are two basic types of anime RPG games. Those are based on an RPG, and another those in which, characters find themselves stuck inside a world and the main mission of them is to get out of there (dungeon).

Some suggestion games for this genre are Lodoss-tou Senki, hack//Sign, Sword Art Online, Blade and Soul, etc.

Girls games

Anime girl games are the games that focus on makeup, making beauty, and some other activities and themes that girls interested in. These themes usually relate to pet, love, life simulation, puzzle, etc. Characteristic of this game genre is beautiful anime graphics with the bright and colorful background. In addition, simple gameplay is the prominent feature of a typical girl game and anime girl games also like that.

You can enjoy some interesting anime girl games such as Baby Barbie Pets Beauty Pageant 2, Sheriff Callie Washing Toys, Elsa Pet Care, etc.

Board games

Anime board games are an interesting and popular type of anime games. You know that the board game is so great and anime is also great too. For those who love both these genres, anime board games are the best choice for them. The games in this genre feature traditional-style board tabletop games like checkers, mahjong, shōgi, or chess, etc. In these games, the protagonist may simply enjoy games among friends, prepare or compete in some professional matches, or participate in the shadowy world.

Different from the classic board games that display only the board and players control the game through this board. In anime board games, players will step into a new world of anime and board game in which, they enjoy not only the match but also many other interesting things. Some interesting games in this genre that you shouldn’t miss are March Comes in Like a Lion, Saki, Hikaru no Go, etc.

Popular characters in anime games


Goku is a fictional character in Dragon Ball manga series. He is an eccentric and monkey-tailed boy who owns a superhuman strength and high-level martial arts. With strength and special ability, Goku is a character that is loved by millions of players. For this reason, he also appears so frequently in mots of fighting anime games like anime battle series game, super smash bros, super smash flash, Anime fighters cr: sasuke, etc.

When appearing in these games, Goku is designed to still keep the same appearance and features as well as fighting skills as in the manga.


Surely Naruto is a too familiar character with us both in games or manga. There are too many games that were inspired by this character and the original manga that has the same name. With noisy, active character and always want to assert himself, Naruto is really a lovely adolescent ninja. For this reason, both in games, films or anything else, he is always kept a virginly as in manga version.

There are so many anime games using Naruto as the protagonist such as Naruto vs One Piece, Naruto War, Super Smash Bros, SSF, SSF2, etc.

Anime games unblocked

Anime games unblocked are the special version of anime games. These games allow players to access and enjoy them at anywhere they want even in areas that block gaming sites. In fact, most schools and offices block all the gaming sites to prevent students or staffs to play games. This makes people can enjoy their favorite games including anime games in these areas. However, with anime games unblocked, all problems are resolved. You can access these game wherever and whenever you want without worry about anything.

If you are looking for somewhere that provide anime games unblocked, is the right place for you. We are a dedicated site for anime games and all of them are unblocked games. So, visit us, you can enjoy all the best anime games online by your way.

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You can play anime games online for free in many different gaming sites on the internet. However, nowadays, the problems related to risk, malware, etc on the internet are very common. So, you need to choose a trusted gaming site to play and enjoy your favorite game safely. We strongly recommend you to play anime games online for free on This is a reputable gaming site that is dedicated to those who love playing anime games.

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On, we provide users with a big collection of anime games for free. Being a special gaming site that is dedicated to anime games, on this site, you can find all the best anime games from all genres such as dress up, fighting, MMORPG, RPG, girl, board, etc to play and enjoy.

If you want to transform into superheroes like Naruto, Goku, Luffy and participate in lots of epic battles, we have a series of interesting fighting games for you to choose from. If you are a girl and looking for anime dress up games, we also have tons of these games for you.

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